Aleen Stein is a founding partner and CEO and Publisher of Organa, a new media publishing company since March 1995 with offices in Los Angeles, formerly of New York. Previously, she was founding partner and President of Voyager, a publisher of interactive laserdiscs and software since 1984, and now DVD and DVDROM. Ms. Stein and her partners built Voyager into one of the most respected international digital publishers. Its Criterion Collection has become known as the "Rolls Royce" of home video. This world-renowned and critically-acclaimed collection of important films with interactive "making-of" supplements has been credited with single-handedly driving the laserdisc market into viability. Over Voyager's life, Ms. Stein has served as its first COO, and then founded and grew its International Division, including acquisitions, product development, sales, marketing and operations.. She established and maintained a European base for Voyager in Paris, France, and expanded the company's reach into four continents. In January 1995, she resigned as President of Voyager to form Organa, although she retains her ownership stake in Criterion. She is known for her ground-breaking work in the new media industry, including executive producer of several international award-winning CD-ROMs and DVDs.

Organa is an American company with an international publishing and distribution base. Organa's inaugural portfolio of CD-ROM titles includes "P.A.W.S", "The Book of Lulu," and "Salt of the Earth," all winners of several international awards each. Organa's seeks to publish compelling content that connect kids to both fun and learning, "intelligent" entertainment experiences and explorations of virtual worlds, as well as a range of challenging and inquisitive titles for the growing music, arts and culture sector. Crossing traditional content boundaries and investigating the possibilities of interactive fiction, Organa draws on the creative talent and original works of new authors and artists worldwide.

Ms. Stein founded and built Organa into a globally renowned digital publisher. In its first two years, Organa created and licensed several best-selling and award-winning entertainment properties for international publication across numerous media platforms, including PlayStation, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, the Internet and Audio CD. Before Voyager, Ms. Stein worked in book publishing and feature film and documentary film production, and has degrees in journalism, and anthropology. Ms. Stein worked in various capacities in production on several feature films, and wrote two screenplays. She also researched and assisted production on several commercial documentaries (including East of the L.A. River) and also produced educational documentary films. Previous to that, Ms. Stein worked in book publishing.